To break the routine

I knew my way around, knew the people I could trust, and I knew where life was taking me. I really thought of myself as being independent. I think everyone feels grown up and independent as long as they are in their comfort zone. This is when an opportunity hit me. The American dream was about to come true. Today, it is already may and I received so much during this year that when I come back I want to share this with others. I can be proud to say I did it! I went to California and lived a life there. I know how to go on to the 405 and go to L.A. I know how to surf. I know the word « gnarly »* and use it, and I was here for the first Afro-American president elected. I also know that when I will return to France not much will have changed, and that I will have to find a new adventure to break the routine. Maybe try to go to an American university?

*Un mot à multiples usages, selon le contexte : « cool », pourri, zone…

Hector, Laguna Beach, California, Un an aux USA