Laurent, Honolulu, Hawaii

In my family, I get 5 little brothers and 3 older brothers, and 3 olders sisters ! Alla very nice ! They come from the Phillipines. They are poor but very, very nice. I’m trying to play the oukoukeke guitar. But that is very hard… But I’m learning very fast ! I’m ready to go and play in an other talent show on the « PIE stage ».
I received « Trois Quatorze » and I saw that the exchange students agree with me to say that this experience is really cool.
The surf is very good in Hawaï, but now in the winter time, I cannot really surf because the waves are giant, like the buildings of Downtown Honolulu ! I love Hawaii and I planto come back in the 2000 year with all my friends from France and, why not, for my honey moon.
I have had my darling for 3 months. She is Hawwiian, and very beautiful , nice, very smart, everything !
Then, I will graduate next June. I got 18 credits out of 24. Only 6 more credits to graduate. I wish that will be easy ! When I came here (the first and second months), I did nothing and I felt homesick, but now that’s really, really better ! I get friends and girlfriends, I wear clothes in the American Style : large jeans, shirt and sweet XXL.
See you in June !

Laurent, Honolulu, Hawaii
Janvier 97